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Aurora Foxes welcomes expressions of interest from young people who have learning disabilities, an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), aspire to work in the hospitality industry and are sufficiently physically fit to undertake catering and hospitality duties.

Admissions Process

1. Attend an Open Day

Young people and their families are encouraged to attend an open day at Aurora Foxes to find out more about the course and determine whether they wish to pursue a placement.

At the open day, you will have the opportunity to learn more about Aurora Foxes, visit one of the residential houses and the hotel, meet the admissions team and take part in a question and answer session. The day begins at 11:00am with an optional lunch at Foxes Hotel and finishes at approximately 3.00pm.

Click here to book on to an open day

2. Complete an Expression of Interest form

If you remain interested in attending Aurora Foxes, please complete the Expression of Interest form below and one of the Admissions Team will be in contact with you.

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3. Request consultation from your local authority

Young people who wish to attend Aurora Foxes will need to contact their SEND Caseworker in their home local authority to express Aurora Foxes as their preferred placement, requesting a consultation be sent to Aurora Foxes as this determines if Special Educational Needs can be met and an initial assessment offered. A consultation is often requested though the EHCP annual review process.

4. Initial assessment

Once a consultation is received from the local authority, Aurora Foxes will review the information supplied and, where applicable, invite the young person to attend an initial assessment at Foxes Hotel.

5. Offer of placement

Following assessment, Aurora Foxes will determine if it can meet the young person’s needs and offer a place to study.

If a placement is offered, all details including costings will be submitted to their local authority as part of the consultation process and the young person and their family will be notified of the assessment outcome.

6. Funding 

Applicants with an Education, Health and Care Plan can pursue Local Authority funding to attend Aurora Foxes. Applicants can also privately fund their placement.

7. Funding panel

For Local Authority funding, the SEND Caseworker will collect additional information/consult with local providers and take your request to a funding panel for a decision. Once the EHCP is finalised naming the onward school/college, young people/families have the opportunity to appeal this decision, if appropriate.








































Contact the Admissions Team

T: 01643 708529 choosing option 2