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Parents and Carers

Establishing positive relationships with our parents and carers is very important to all of us in the Woodlands team. 

Parents receive weekly calls from their child’s form tutor and progress reports three times a year, and are invited to attend school events so they can be part of their child’s educational experience. 

Working in partnership with our families, we ensure that every young person benefits from a fantastic support network.


School Meals

School meals are prepared on site and all dietary requirements are catered for. Students are provided with a selection of breakfast each day, including cereal, brown toast, toasted bagels, granola, fruit, pancakes with fruit, porridge and fresh orange juice.

We offer a three-weekly menu consisting of homemade meals prepared using fresh, seasonal produce that is locally sourced wherever possible. 

Term Dates

Our term dates are published annually and can be viewed via this link: Aurora Woodlands Term Dates 2021-2022


If your child is too ill to attend school, you should contact the School Office by 8am in order for transport staff to be informed. Please contact us each day that your child is absent. All routine medical and other appointments should be arranged out of school time wherever possible. In exceptional circumstances, where an urgent appointment is required or for hospital clinic appointments that operate during the day only, please provide an appointment card or letter to obtain authorisation for the absence.

Where the school office has received no reason for an absence, pastoral calls will be made to parents/carers – even where your child has been absent due to illness on previous days.

We take our safeguarding responsibility seriously and cannot assume that your child is still ill unless you have notified us. Persistent absence is a serious problem. Much of the work children miss when they are off school is never made up, leaving these students at a considerable disadvantage. A student defined as a ‘Persistent Absentee’ is one who misses 10% or more of school. Schools are challenged by the government to address the problem of persistent absenteeism. The government has strengthened schools’ ability to respond by increasing Fixed Penalty Notices (fines) to £60 if paid within 21 days and £120 if paid between 21 and 28 days. Excellent attendance is awarded weekly and is a target linked to rewards trips for all students