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Parents and Carers

School Meals

All school meals are pre-paid, snacks and drinks are available, so there is no need to provide a packed lunch or your own snack items. We provide a healthy diet with healthy options, and regularly offer what is popular for our young people in a healthy way. Food is sourced locally and freshly prepared on site by our catering team. So long as we know, the dietary requirements of any young person can be met.


All our young people should be at school every day. They need to be ready and on time for their transport. We acknowledge that there may be some variation in pick-up and drop-off times, depending on traffic conditions.

Patience and support with this is really appreciated. If a young person is not attending, the school must be contacted every day to keep us informed, so that transport arrangements can be altered accordingly. In the event of no contact, transport will arrive at home in the morning as planned. Some absences can be authorised, and others are not authorised. We are required to report attendance to Local Authorities. An email, letter or telephone call explaining the absence of a young person is always required from parents and carers, so that we can determine if it is authorised or not.

We will contact home if we do not receive notification of an absence. Young people attending our school must not be taken on holiday during term time.



Term Dates (click on link)