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Our Curriculum

The overall purpose of our curriculum is to prepare students for life beyond school, through a positive and supportive framework that helps to develop:

  • Confident individuals - who lead safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives in which they can communicate and interact well with others.
  • Successful learners - who enjoy school, make great progress and achieve a range of qualifications.
  • Responsible citizens - who are ready to take their place in society.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum with a flexible timetable designed around each student to recognise individual abilities, interests and needs.

Our learning programmes are based on the National Curriculum, with opportunities to develop functional and independent ‘skills for life’ alongside academic subjects.

We place particular focus on safeguarding, which is promoted through PSHE, RSE and Citizenship and provide opportunities for students to increase their confidence and awareness through developing good decision-making skills.

Supporting Potential

We encourage all our students to see themselves as competent learners with a ‘can do’ attitude. To achieve this, we offer several externally accredited programmes and courses to accommodate different abilities and levels of attainments. These include GCSEs, Functional Skills, ASDAN, Life and Living Skills, and BTECH.

Our curriculum also supports students to develop a range of coping skills, build resilience and become more consistently regulated by applying learnt strategies to situations that cause stress and anxiety. With this awareness, students’ access to learning is increased, leading to greater independence and better academic outcomes.