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Our Curriculum

The curriculum at Aurora Poppyfield is made up of 4 layers that reflect the National Curriculum through the teaching of discrete subjects and integrated topics:

  • A core broad and balanced curriculum. 
  • A support curriculum that nurtures the development of the ‘whole person’ and which may include bespoke therapeutic support and interventions. 
  • An extension curriculum to expand and broaden experiences. 
  • An enrichment curriculum to provide extra curricula opportunities that foster a sense of enjoyment.

Students in Key Stage 4 have the opportunity to access a range of subject examinations and 
receive support to progress to further education and improve their employability skills, through work experience, vocational courses or apprenticeships. 

Our curriculum inspires each student to grow and develop in their own unique way. 

We believe that by supporting students to develop their individuality, we can help them achieve their educational, social and personal potential.

Integrating Therapy

We offer a range of therapeutic interventions at Aurora Poppyfield, designed to help our students overcome barriers to participation in education. 

This includes providing time and space for the careful integration of a range of autism specific approaches including therapies and interventions, which allows us to monitor and adapt our approach to match the unique needs of each student.