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Parent and Carers

From the start of the journey at Aurora Rowan School, children are encouraged to have their voice heard; this may be in the form of supported choices, the use of an AAC device, through symbols or verbally. They have input into their next steps and targets for their future.

Staff work 1:1 with pupils, consistently supporting and encouraging them throughout their school day. Parents, carers, and family are encouraged to be part of the pupil’s school life through regular, good quality communication. Pupils all have an individual learning plan and record which is reviewed termly by everyone involved in the pupil’s school life.

We work with pupils to build their resilience, learn how to self-regulate and understand their own needs.

Fun is a huge part of the school day and learning at Aurora Rowan School. We want pupils to want to come to school, to thrive and make progress. The school day is structured, calm and purposeful but busy, exciting and full of learning opportunities in the classroom, around school and in the community.