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Parent and Carers

Your experience with us

Every student has a tutor and a range of dedicated teaching assistants who offer consistent support and encouragement throughout the school day and support communication with families. Personalised Learning Plans and Behaviour Support Plans help our students develop positive self-regulation and coping strategies, facilitating their learning and creating a positive school experience for everyone.

Aurora Cedars School is a collaborative working school, where parents/carers, students, teaching staff, clinicians and external professionals come together to support students in achieving their best.

  • Black trousers/joggers/shorts/knee length skirt
  • White/navy/black polo top (white available with school logo)
  • Plain navy jumper with no hood (available with school logo)
  • Plain navy cardigan (available with school logo)
  • All black shoes/trainers

We operate a relaxed approach to uniform should this be necessary for those with sensory needs, please discuss further with Zoe Free, Headteacher.

School meals

School meals are provided for Students at Aurora Cedars School and cooked on site. Special dietary requirements can be catered for.

Students are able to bring their own packed lunch to school if desired.

Term dates

Our term dates are published annually and are available here.

Parent Feedback

Aurora Cedars School Parent Survey Results Spring 2024