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Flexible, inclusive education and a positive, vibrant learning community, for children and young people aged 7-19 with a primary or secondary diagnosis of Autism and related social and communication needs.

Aurora Hedgeway School

Welcome to our Special Needs School in Pilning, Gloucestershire

At Aurora Hedgeway, we offer every student the chance to explore and fulfil their own unique potential. With provision running from Key Stage 2 all the way through to post-16, we are set up to support children and young people at every stage of their academic journey.

Our broad and balanced curriculum is designed by ‘stage’ rather than ‘age’, allowing each student to learn alongside others with similar skills and abilities, while our focus on social and emotional support helps our students to develop both confidence and independence. By the time they leave us, our students are ready to tackle the next challenges of adulthood – whether that’s through further education, training or employment.

We look forward to welcoming you into our school community soon.

Klaire Rowland, Headteacher - Aurora Hedgeway School


A Day in the Life at

Aurora Hedgeway School

  • Morning Welcome

    Our day starts in a welcome calm manner, staff greet our pupils as they arrive out of their transport.

    Staff facilitate students to climatise and be ready to learn.

    We promote independence in the students transitioning from the car park to the building, while allowing students to check in with trusted staff to enable them to share any concerns before the register is taken and learning starts.

  • Breakfast Club and Morning Routines

    After registration students can have breakfast as a group, to encourage their social and life skills. Pupils will also have the opportunity to mix with their friends in shared spaces and classrooms before registration.

    Where appropriate students are supported to follow their sensory programmes before learning starts.

    In addition to individualised learning breaks, we have a mixture of structured activities. This improves the self-awareness of not only peers but other aspects of the school.

  • Personalised Learning

    Our timetables are personalised to support individual needs for each child to achieve their personal best. All pupils follow a curriculum that is building towards helping students become more resilient and become independent learners.

    Additional Support - through our experienced therapy team at Hedgeway, all pupils benefit form therapeutic activities to complement their academic learning. Our specialist in house clinical team also offers a 1:1 support, and pupils will receive more intensive intervention and support through a structured and timetabled therapy programme.

  • Personal Development

    In addition to provide broad and balanced curriculum we pride ourselves on our personal development. We value the personal and social development of every learner and understand how this enables pupils to feel safe and happy.

    Our Outstanding Ofsted personal development 2022 ranges from personalised approaches using our ELSA to student led events, indivdual tutorials and opportunities for responsibility.

    We promote positive relationships between student and staff and have a open door policy which allows students to feel safe in our environment.

    As a school we explicitly teach the skills to help our students become resilient. We provide more intensive support through our ELSA and clinical team. All students have a robust transition plan to help them achieve their future aspirations.

  • Celebrating Success

    Student are rewarded for their achievements throughout the school day - Students are invited to have an input in how the rewards look through our active school council.

    As a school we are open about student achievements and support our pupils to identify the positive in every situation. We promote an ethos of natural consequences rather than punitive approaches. Rewards are used for students i.e. attendance rewards, headteacher rewards, social time rewards.

  • Behaviour Support

    All students have a PBS plan which is linked to their EHCP the reward system is tracked and students are central to the development of the PBS and will guide staff on the more effective ways to support them. Students are encouraged to reflect on the impact of their actions and share how they feel.

    Safeguarding and wellbeing is paramount at our school - we build in opportunities for students to learn and grow through our reactive curriculum and student voice.

    We link our safeguarding report system and pupil voice to our tutorial curriculum so that pupils can address situations that they encounter and feel empowered.

    All students have access to the Pastoral team who will support them daily via our tutorial programme and staff ambassadors such as e safety.
    We ensure that our feedback and our praise is prompt and is celebrated throughout all lessons and activities.

  • Community Spirit

    We celebrate success and achievement; we have timetable reflection time at the end of the days.

    We meet as a school once a week in assembly to share good news, discuss current events and celebrate success.

    Individual success is utilised throughout the school day. Pupils have the opportunity to share their achievements with peers across the school.
    Everyday finishes on a positive at Hedgeway School all students are given 10 mins at the end of the day to give them time to relax and have quiet time.

    We always end the day as SLT wave the children home goodbye.

Latest News

  • My son finally ‘fits in’ and is making progress. He truly enjoys going to school and I love hearing about what he’s been up to each day.