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Innovative centre of excellence providing a holistic education offer and therapeutic support across the North. We support young people aged 9-16 who face various challenges associated with social, emotional and mental health needs.

Aurora Brooklands School

Welcome to our Special Needs School in Leyland, Lancashire

Here at Aurora Brooklands School, our staff work compassionately and with dedication every day to provide the best possible experience for every young person in our care.

We understand that the path you have travelled before arriving with us may have been difficult; mainstream education may not have been a good fit for your child and your relationship with school to date may not always have felt positive. At Aurora Brooklands School, we have the skills, facilities and expertise to provide you with a different, better experience.

We work closely with families and carers to ensure that every student is happy, safe and fulfilling their unique potential – at school and beyond. By the time they leave Brooklands, your child can confidently look forward to a bright, exciting and independent future.

I am very proud of our school and look forward to welcoming you into the Brooklands family.

Sarah Gregory, Principal - Aurora Brooklands & Aurora Woodlands School

Welcome from the Head of Aurora Brooklands School

It is a privilege and honour to be Head of School at Aurora Brooklands School.

Here at Aurora Brooklands School, we believe that every young person has the right to receive the best education, which is delivered in a way that meets their social and emotional needs.  We believe in empowering our students by supporting them in building confidence, fostering resilience, and supporting their progress towards their future aspirations.

We endeavour to ensure every student receives an inclusive and enjoyable learning experience in which to thrive and become more prepared and ready for their journey into adulthood.

We are proud of our additional learning experiences; our Forest School and Outdoor Education provision allows our students to work towards meeting their personal goals in a safe and flexible learning environment.

With a team of dedicated and experienced staff, we believe that by building positive relationships with our students, they become more able to achieve and access exciting learning opportunities.

I look forward to welcoming you to Aurora Brooklands School.

Sarah Chatterton, Head of School at Aurora Brooklands School

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  • With a small number of children in the classroom and excellent teaching, it’s the best decision you could ever make for your child.