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Our Curriculum

Throughout their time with us, students can achieve a range of qualifications, from pre-entry-level certificates through to higher-grade GCSEs, and benefit from a range of high-quality opportunities to work with local employers and participate in industry-related activities. 

Through our careers strategy, we help each student to identify and develop their unique skills, talents and abilities, so that they can choose a post-16 route that works for them – whether that’s further education, vocational training or employment.

Subjects taught include:

  • Maths, English and Science
  • Humanities
  • Digital Skills
  • Art
  • Food Technology
  • Outdoor Education 
  • Horticulture
  • Physical Education
  • Employability and Independent Living Skills
  • Social Skills and Cognitive Behavioural Skills
Integrated therapy

We offer a range of clinical and therapeutic interventions at Aurora Severnside, designed to help our students overcome barriers to participation in education. 

These are delivered by highly skilled staff in a class setting, using an integrated therapeutic model. This enables us to offer flexible and responsive support whenever and wherever it is needed most, and to ensure that all support follows a single, student-centred plan.