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Our School

Aurora Severnside is a specialist independent day school based in Gloucestershire Science and Technology Park, near Berkeley, Gloucestershire. 

We provide academic and therapeutic services for students aged 11-16 with additional social, emotional and mental health needs, including those who face communication and behavioural difficulties associated with Autism spectrum conditions.

Our vision is to create an inclusive, welcoming learning environment in which all our students can develop and thrive. We have specialist teaching staff, resources and tailored facilities to offer a truly exceptional experience for our students.

Personalised learning

We believe that one size does not fit all – our approach to learning and teaching is to focus on the individual needs of each student. 

Each student has a tailored curriculum based upon their initial assessment, previous academic outcomes and long-term learning targets – the curriculum fits around the young person, not the other way around!

Students are taught in small classes of 8 or less, with a standard staff ratio of 1:4, which can be higher if required, enabling close staff supervision and support throughout the school day. When appropriate, students can also be taught in 1:1 situations, as well as within our community. 

We provide planned activity choices during social times, including sport activities, indoor board games and quiet spaces, to sustain structure throughout the day.

By combining the best elements of a mainstream education with the unique specialist and therapeutic provision that each student needs, we create an environment in which every young person can achieve their own goals and pursue a future of their own choosing.

Building trust

We take a positive approach to behaviour support at Aurora Severnside and believe that managing behaviour is first and foremost about relationships and trust. 

  • We use a whole school PACE approach to support our students to feel safe and valued.

  • We treat all negative behaviour as a display of emotional distress and manage it with the compassion it deserves.

  • We respond calmly to anxiety or aggression, offering positive encouragement rather than negative consequences.

  • We use restorative approaches to support our students to develop resilience and conflict resolution skills.

  • We encourage reflection and learning from past events in a safe, non-judgemental environment, to understand the ‘why’ behind the behaviour and to develop long-term therapeutic strategies with the input of our specialist clinical team.