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Our Curriculum

We will offer a broad, balanced curriculum with a flexible timetable designed around our students, recognising their individual abilities, interests and needs.

Learning programmes for each Key Stage are based on the National Curriculum, with opportunities to develop functional and independent ‘skills for life’. Real-life, hands-on learning and regular community access ensure that our young people are supported to develop independence and resilience. Students work towards nationally recognised qualifications and certificates. 

Supporting learning 

ECHP strategies and outcomes are embedded into our curriculum and reviewed regularly with parents. Student Support Plans enable staff to develop an effective understanding of sensory, anxiety or other needs that may impact the young person and present a challenge to learning. We can then strive to sensitively and effectively provide resources, skills and activities to overcome these barriers.

These plans are kept ‘live’ and shared with students in order to gain their voice and teach them the skills to regulate themselves. 

Every student has targets not only in the areas of the National Curriculum, but also in areas of communication, daily living skills and socialisation. Regular ‘Mindworks’ sessions support students to overcome anxiety, understand diagnosis and learn essential communication and social skills. 

Your experience with us

Every transition into Summerfields is different. We work with each young person to support an integration to be as fast or as slow as needed to build relationships and reduce anxiety.  

When a young person arrives at Aurora Summerfields, we commit to exploring ways of helping them fulfil their potential in every area of their life. We begin by creating an environment where they feel safe and able to learn. We take a positive approach to behaviour management, encouraging the development of a strong sense of identity while promoting effective interaction with others.

All our classes are small and are managed by a Teacher and a minimum of one teaching assistant. 

Individual pastoral support and care for each student is provided by their form teacher, who also has regular contact with their parents and carers to offer support and guidance. 

Throughout their time with us, students have an opportunity to achieve a range of qualifications, from pre-entry-level certificates through to Functional skills qualifications, depending on their needs, abilities and interests. 

By the time they leave us, each of our students will be in a position to make meaningful, informed choices about their own future, whether that is by accessing further education, or through appropriate vocational training or employment. 

Our aim is to provide a therapeutic provision includes speech and language therapy and occupational therapy, with our clinical staff working in conjunction with teaching and support staff to provide holistic support for every student.