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About Keyes Barn School

I would like to warmly welcome you to Aurora Keyes Barn School.

We are a specialist school for children aged 5 to 12 years with Social Emotional and Behavioural needs. Many of the pupils that attend the school have experienced adversity in the past and may present with additional special educational needs such as autistic spectrum disorder, attention deficit and hyperactive disorders as well as speech, language and communication difficulties.

We provide a stimulating and nurturing curriculum which encourages the pupils to love learning by fostering curiosity, creativity and resilience. We highly value learning outside the classroom and regularly use educational visits and trips to take learning beyond the school gates.

Staff at Aurora Keyes Barn are highly trained, skilled and committed to building trusting, positive relationships with pupils to optimise their learning, emotional development and self- esteem.

Dalziel McAlister, 

Headteacher, Aurora Keyes Barn