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Parents and Carers

Pupil Premium Statement

Multidisciplinary Team Approach:

We offer a diverse range of services to enable each child to benefit from targeted support, relevant interventions and experiences within and outside formal education. 

These services will include:

  • Organised transport to and from school
  • A structured pastoral system for each child
  • The encouragement of school/home liaison
  • Access to a clinical psychology team
  • Access to speech and language therapy (dependent on requirements of ECHP)
  • A range of healthy midday meals (including specialist diets if required) supplied by the school
  • The provision of school uniform
  • The arrangement of inter-school sports and leisure activities
  • A range of leisure activities (including music tuition, outdoor pursuits, sport and dramatic arts, computer based activities and environmental pursuits and
  • A highly profiled system of educational and behavioural objectives.

Together We Expect:

  • Each child to work hard to improve his behaviour and standard of work.
  • All members of the school community to treat each other with respect and to consider others at all times.
  • Each pupil to walk around school sensibly ensuring safety.
  • Each pupil to use appropriate language at all times.
  • That all pupils should present themselves in a clean and tidy manner supported from home.
  • That pupils sit sensibly in minibuses and follow the ‘Safety in Vehicle’ Code.
  • That pupils eat correctly and use good table manners at lunchtimes.
  • That pupils positively represent the school on outside visits and behave in a socially acceptable way.

Parent Feedback

Aurora Keyes Barn School Parent Survey Results Spring 2024