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About Redehall School

The Aurora mission is to provide innovative, high quality education, care and support, enabling all children and young people to thrive and fulfil their aspirations. Aurora has a vision to be trusted as the provider and employer of choice, transforming the lives of a growing number of children and young people. 

The work of all our schools and services is founded on the Aurora values: Caring; Ambitious; Collaborative; Trusted and Innovative. That means that our schools are different from many other schools, in that we find bespoke solutions to individual challenges and profiles, without reduced expectations and aspirations for students. 

We use connections in the Surrey area and beyond, to provide the best possible opportunities to prepare our students for purposeful adulthood. Whether students follow a predominantly academic or vocational path, or a combination of both, we support them every step of the way towards greater independence, employment and to making a positive contribution to society that will help fulfil their adult lives. 

We value qualifications and we also recognise the need to prepare our students to live enriched, connected, meaningful adult lives, during which they will take their place in society.