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Welcome to our Specialist School in Surrey

Aurora Redehall is a small, independent school in Surrey, designed specifically for children with communication difficulties typically associated with Autism spectrum conditions.

Many pupils arriving at Aurora Redehall have experienced challenges in mainstream environments, often taking extended periods out of previous schools and falling behind their peers. We help each child to overcome their barriers to learning and social development, so they can fully re-engage with education and enjoy everything that school life has to offer.

We adjust and regularly review the balance between academic study and therapeutic support to best meet individual needs. While our focus is always on increasing independence to better prepare the children for ‘real life’, if a child is experiencing difficulties we will, of course, look to increase therapeutic support to get them back on track.

We offer our pupils access to a pathway that has the potential to extend throughout their academic career, thanks to our secondary provision Caterham Education Centre, a part of Redehall School. With the right support, most of our pupils go on to achieve academic success through GCSEs or equivalent qualifications.