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Specialist academic and therapeutic provision in a caring, supportive environment, for children aged 5-11 who have experienced difficulties in mainstream settings.

Aurora White House School

Welcome to our Special Needs Primary School in Quidenham, Norfolk

Aurora White House:

Welcome to Aurora White House, a unique learning environment that has the friendly and personal feel of a small village primary school, whilst also being rich in specialist provision.

I believe that having a sense of belonging is essential in helping children to thrive. It is for this reason that ‘community’ is central to our school’s vision and identity.

As part of our community, your child will benefit from small class sizes, specialist teaching and a multi-disciplinary approach that helps remove barriers to learning.

Children want to be at this school.

Time and again we see those with previously poor attendance records coming in every day, making friends, and having fun – which tells me whatever it is we’re doing, we’re getting it right.

I’m so glad you’ve found us, and I look forward to welcoming you and your child into our community here at Aurora White House.

David Clarke, Headteacher, Aurora White House School

Aurora Eccles and Aurora White House School: Site Principal

As Principal of the site that The Aurora White House School shares with its secondary counterpart, Aurora Eccles, I am delighted to introduce you to our wonderful school community.

It is our aim to provide an environment in which children can achieve their potential and make meaningful, informed choices about every aspect of their lives. Through our highly skilled teams of teaching, support and therapeutic staff, we offer personalised, tailored interventions to help children of all ages make genuine progress in their academic, social and emotional development.

We are proud to be recognised as the ‘go-to provider’ for the local authority here in Norfolk; the trust that is placed in us, by families and professionals alike, is testament to the quality and scope of education and support that we offer to every student in our care. We hope you enjoy reading about us; and we look forward to welcoming you soon.

Arabella Hardy, Site Principal, Aurora Eccles and The Aurora White House School

A Day in the Life at

Aurora White House School

  • Morning

    Our day starts in an unhurried, purposeful manner to prepare the children for their day and allow them to 'settle' after, what is for many, a long taxi journey. We walk up to the White House together and then enjoy a settling period and check in with the children, prior to coming together to complete the register and talk about the day ahead. If children have a particular need e.g. a movement break or breakfast we can accommodate that need during this time.

  • Downtime breaks

    Our learning is structured through the day with a mixture of transition activities between learning and down time breaks where children can enjoy the magnificent outdoor environment or be together (or alone if required, but always in an agreed place) and enjoy some time before learning starts again.

  • One-to-One Support

    With small classes and a high child: adult ratio we can offer specialist interventions both within whole class and group learning and individual work. Children are supported in their learning and make progress because of this. Our specialist in-house clinical team also offer a variety of one-to-one therapeutic interventions.

  • "Thrive" Activities

    We embrace the THRIVE approach to help us develop confident, curious, creative, and capable children who are open to learning and better equipped to deal with life's ups and downs. THRIVE is all about building effective relationships and fostering positive experiences to develop children's social and emotional wellbeing. The THRIVE approach is at the heart of what we do.

  • Activity Breaks

    Our children learn best with short, focused lessons and frequent activity breaks and reward time. As children become more attentive to learning we can increase the length or frequency of lessons and activities. Activity breaks play a key role in this approach to learning, they are also crucial to learning itself with children learning patience and concentration, acquiring new skills, exercising, persevering, and building friendships.

  • Social Time

    Many of our children experience difficulties with communication and building and maintaining friendships. We build in opportunities for children to learn new social skills, develop friendships and have downtime before the next lesson or activity. The social aspect of learning is important to us.

  • Reflection on Success

    Reflection on Success is celebrated at different times of the day and in many ways and helps to develop perseverance as learners and a willingness to celebrate the success of self and others. Some of our reflection time is linked to our reward system and the 5 Golden Rules, at other times it is opportunistic and allows us to celebrate success in its many guises.

  • Home Time

    We wrap up our day as it started, together. Each class has different routines for home time, all designed to meet the needs of the individual children (we can be creative e.g. with children having movement breaks in different guises) before the journey home). Whatever the class or individual routine is we always end the day walking down the drive from the White House to the taxi rank.

Latest News

  • The staff at the school really do put their heart and soul into the children and their well-being.

    Aurora White House