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Ethan's Story

Life before White House

Ethan made very little progress at his previous school and couldn't be in the classroom with other pupils. He didn't make friends with his peers and only socialised with the younger children.

Moving to White House

When Ethan first arrived he found it difficult to engage. He was very angry and would frequently try to run away from the classroom and show risky behaviour. After daily intervention and support, he eventually made a huge amount of progress both academically and emotionally. He became a confident and happy member of the class and shows a wonderful sense of humour.

He writes very neatly and accurately and regularly completes his work independently. "I think the teachers really helped last year because I didn't want to run away," he says.

"Ethan has changed so much. His confidence has bloomed and he's become really caring. His literacy has progressed and he's now reading and writing and using bigger words. He adores the team at White House as they can always recognise his triggers and worries."

Ethan's Parents