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Needs of Young People

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  • Aurora Boveridge College

    A specialist further education college providing day and residential support for young people with Autism spectrum conditions or additional social, emotional and mental health needs.

    Cranborne, Dorset
    • ADHD
      Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

      Symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder include a short attention span, constantly fidgeting and acting without thinking. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can often be treated with medicines and talking therapies.

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    • APD
      Antisocial Personality Disorder

      Someone with antisocial personality disorder will typically be manipulative, deceitful and reckless, and will not care for other people's feelings.

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    • ASC
      Autism Spectrum Conditions

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    • Asp
      Asperger Syndrome

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    • SEMH
      Social Emotional and Mental Health

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    16 -25
    • 38 Weeks, day
    • Up to 52 Weeks, residential
    • 38 weeks, outreach
  • Aurora Foxes

    Aurora Foxes is a specialist college and training hotel for young people aged 16 - 25 with learning disabilities, situated in the friendly seaside town of Minehead.

    Minehead, Somerset
    16 -25
    • 38 week, day
    • 38 week, residential