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Information For Suppliers

This page is information to organisations who are currently Suppliers to Aurora and for those who may wish to conduct business with Aurora.

Procurement Overview

Procurement is part of the Aurora Group central team based in Twigworth, Gloucester.

What do we do?

Procurement is a commercial function, its purpose is to, “Apply expertise to generate competitive advantage for the Aurora Group”. The Procurement Department works with a range of Suppliers, large and small, to procure the goods and services that keep Aurora operating.

Procurement Key Activities:

  • To provide procurement services and deliver operational support

  • To take a strategic and companywide view of Aurora’s spend with Suppliers and section into Category types.

  • To manage and operate a Procurement Process to support all of Aurora’s schools and the overall business.

  • To manage Suppliers and Supplier relationships; and monitor Supplier performance using KPI’s where appropriate.

  • To manage and mitigate risk in Aurora’s supply chain.

Procurement Key Objectives:

  • Cost reductions, cost efficiency benefits and cost effective procurement.

  • To secure value for money, consistent with high standards of quality and service; and to add value to the business.

  • Governance and compliance in accordance with Aurora procurement policy and procedural guidance.

  • Compliance with legal requirements and financial regulations.

Key documents:

Please find below key documents to download.