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Our College

"I think people should come to Foxes to work on their independence skills. I have been learning about shopping and budgeting. I can now travel to Taunton on the bus, which is 24 miles away to get to my work experience. My work experience is amazing, I serve customers and do the drinks. I hope to live in a supported living flat when I graduate, because I have all the skills I learnt at Foxes." — George

"I love Foxes because it is an amazing place to be. I love all of the sessions. I like 'Moving On' because you learn to cook and to do your personal shopping. There are so many activities to choose from. The activity I like to do the most is Mindfulness, because I like to do the yoga. I really like Ballroom Dancing, my favourite is the Waltz. I like Minehead Eye because I love the singing. You should come to Foxes because you'll like all the sessions and activities that we do!" — Rebecca

"I like working on going out independently. I like to go shopping independently and I have been on the bus to Dunster to go to the cafe with my friends. I am now travel training to get to my work experience, which is really good. You will learn to do things independently that will help you in the future." — Zac

— Nia