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Duke of Edinburgh Success!

Weeks of determination, resilience and teamwork have paid off...

Wednesday saw the end of the Duke of Edinburgh expeditions for the rest of the year. Three days of hiking and 2 nights of camping and all of the students had smiles on their faces and were so proud of themselves - as we all are! One student was seen punching the air saying 'we did it!'

We are hugely grateful to Emily at Channel Adventure for supporting students and staff over each trip. 

It is worth mentioning that the last few weeks of expeditions have been host to some truly golden moments. Foxes Head of Education Nicola supported Friday's Bronze expedition, which she recalls as a 'remarkable and memorable day' due to the camaraderie, kindness and support within the group. Whenever a member of the group was struggling, they helped each other, never displaying irritation or impatience but instead working hard to raise morale. In particular, students Liam and Cameron were shining examples of what can be achieved when we work as a team. They were kindness personified and when the group finally made it back to the hotel, Emily remarked on the teamwork of the group as being possibly the best she had ever seen.

Valuable lessons have been learned over the course of the last few weeks, particularly about strength of character, resilience and teamwork. Well done to all the teams who have taken up this fantastic challenge. You are all a credit to Aurora Foxes.