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Nature's Classroom: How Aurora Wilden View Pupils Embrace Outdoor Learning

Kate Kneale, the Forest School Lead at Aurora Wilden View in Kidderminster, shares their highlights from the past few months of outdoor learning with the school pupils.

At Aurora Wilden View we’re incredibly lucky to have extensive grounds teeming with amazing wildlife and diverse natural habitats. Among this lies a beautiful woodland area adorned with a mix of broadleaf and coniferous trees.

As Forest School Lead, my vision is to create a forest adventure area where pupils can relax, learn, and immerse themselves with nature.

We have tapped into the creativity of our pupils, asking them to share their ideas for their space. Their responses included a mix of suggestions, ranging from imaginative ideas on how they would use different areas of the forest to the mouthwatering treats they’d love to cook over the open fire.

What’s remarkable is how our pupils have taken ownership of the development of this project. They’ve rolled up their sleeves to dig out the fire pit, create a fire circle with different logs for seats and clear an area of intrusive plants to make way for a future shelter. They have also crafted willow sculptures, providing a quiet reading nook and a maze for them to explore and play in.

Aurora Wilden View School Forest School

We’re not stopping there. Plans for a fairy garden, mud kitchen and other forest areas are in the works. Everyone in our school community has lent a hand, from the youngest to the oldest!

Our forest adventures aren’t just about physical labour. We’ve been cooking over the open fire as well as exploring and learning about the wonders of forest ecosystems and learning about the myriad of creatures that call them home.

The teamwork has been incredible, the willingness to help has been superlative, and the embedded kindness we’ve seen has been wonderful.

I look forward to sharing more updates with you.  



Aurora Wilden View is a brand new specialist independent day school based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire. It supports young people aged 5 to 19 with a range of complex learning needs, including social, emotional, and mental health needs, speech, language, and communication difficulties, and autism.