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Anna's Act of Kindness: Hair Donation to Little Princess Trust

Anna lives with us at Aurora Orchard Manor, having come via our Meldreth Children’s Home. She has beautiful strawberry blond hair nearly 60cm long. She’s going shoulder length soon so donating her lovely hair to an amazing charity that helps young cancer patients.

It’s not the first time she’s done this. Anna donated 13 inches of her hair to the Little Princess Trust Charity back in February 2022, raising £326. With your help, Anna can raise even more this year.

“We’re thrilled that Anna is able to help others. One of our best friends has a daughter with breast cancer. She’s just 25! She’s currently having chemo and she wears a lovely wig, and we know it makes a huge difference to how she feels.” Anna's Parents

“Anna is a remarkable young lady with a strong will, cheeky personality and a laugh to light up a room. She is very sociable and leaves a part of her with everyone she meets. She is a kind soul who faces everything life throws at her head on and that determination is admirable.” Senior Support Worker Alice Flavel


If you would like to support Anna with her act of kindness, you can donate through her JustGiving page