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Top US magician holds local special educational needs school spellbound

Top US magician Kevin Spencer visited pupils at Aurora Hanley School on 10 October to deliver interactive workshops. He’s recognised as the leading authority on the therapeutic use of simple magic tricks in physical and psychosocial rehabilitation.

Hanley pupils, who all have special needs including autism, learnt a variety of magic tricks such as tying a knot in a rope without letting go of the ends and getting two paperclips to join in the air using a dollar bill. All pupils were encouraged to create a performance of their magic trick.

The real magic of the day was that they were all learning about maths and science. Lots of the tricks needed knowledge of angles, fractions and friction. They also learnt the importance of following a set sequence to ensure success.

Student Leo Walker said: “I loved all the tricks.” Leo spent his lunch time perfecting the ‘dollar bill’ one. 

Another student, Rebecca Oakes said: "Kevin was kind and funny and his magic tricks were amazing. My favourite trick was the one with the red balls where they ended up in someone's hands. That was really cool.”

Teacher Natalie McNulty said: “I thought Kevin was brilliant, I absolutely loved the session. The pupils were so engaged, it was fantastic to see.”

Kevin said: “There’s such a great atmosphere at Aurora Hanley, that greets you from the moment you walk through the door. I was impressed and pleased with the level of engagement from the pupils. They leaned into me and embraced "the magic" that was happening - both literally and figuratively. So much learning happening in an environment that was safe and fun!”

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