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The Forest Folk

If all learning is done from behind a screen it can be damaging, so the lessons from the Forest Folk encourage students to get back out into nature – even if it’s their own back gardens or local parks. They provide an alternative way to learn that also helps the next generation to develop a relationship with nature and the environment whilst keeping fit and healthy.

Nature is a classroom like no other

The children at Aurora Eccles are flourishing and we believe it is partly due to their outdoor learning. Being surrounded by nature has helped them cope with anxiety and warded off depression during the pandemic.

The YouTube channel was designed during Covid isolation to bring outdoor learning into the homes of young people. Through a mixture of craft activities, instructional walkthroughs and much, much more it utilises the abundance of magnificent woodland on site to provide a vibrant tailored curriculum.

Forest school is centred around the child, their needs and their interests, without the constraints of predetermined outcomes.