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Special Needs Outdoor Education Activities

Many of The Aurora Group facilities offer specific special needs outdoor education activities through a variety of programmes across the UK.

When all learning is carried out from behind a screen or sat at a desk it can be damaging, so our outdoor programmes aim to encourage students to get back out into nature. Our facilitators talk to students about the importance of the outdoors and encourage them to spend more time even in their own back gardens or local parks during their leisure time. There is a wealth of psychological evidence to demonstrate how wonderfully beneficial this is for mental health.

Our outdoor education activities provide an alternative way to learn that also helps the next generation develop a strong relationship with nature and concern for the environment, all while keeping fit and healthy. The outdoors is a classroom like no other.

The children at our schools are flourishing and we believe it is partly due to the outdoor education programmes that we offer. Being immersed in nature has helped them manage anxiety better and kept issues they have felt at bay.

We work in partnership with local forest schools, which are centred around the child and their needs & interests, without the constraints of predetermined outcomes.

When you find the school that’s right for you, please talk to us about the outdoor programmes that we offer.