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Disability Schools across the UK

The Aurora Group offers inclusive education for students with a complex range of disabilities at several special schools across the UK.

We believe in giving the young people, that learn with us, the opportunities and tools that they will need to build the lives that they want for themselves. We offer high-quality teaching and an excellent level of individualised support. We use a range of expert-led and integrated therapy to support students with a wide range of additional learning needs at our special schools.

All our students are fully involved in the choices made about which programmes they participate in. This gives us the optimal opportunity to offer inclusive education whatever their plans are. Whether they want to go on to further education, enter training or pursue employment - they are encouraged and supported to create their own futures.

We are proud of the trust given to us, by the families of our students and professionals alike. It is a true testament to the range and quality of the education and support that we offer to every student who attends one of our schools.

To learn more about our individual schools and educational facilities, please see our Services Page.