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​​​​​​UK Residential Schools for Autism

The Aurora Group have a selection of residential schools across the UK. We cater for a range of complex needs, including high functioning autism.

All our residential and boarding schools are staffed by a team of highly skilled teachers, who believe in a supportive and therapeutic approach. We want the young people who live and learn with us to develop the skills and confidence they need to go on to lead fulfilling and independent lives. We want each student to reach their full potential and achieve this by employing a range of evidence-based strategies. Our staff are constantly learning and it’s important to us that they receive the highest quality of updated training and education so that we, as a company, can deliver the very best of care to the people that we support.

To best meet the needs of the young people with high functioning autism that we support, we keep our residential schools small. This means we can offer bespoke and personalised support to everybody that lives with us.

We also develop close relationships with our local communities and other nearby facilities. We aim to encourage profound, work-related learning. We also offer active and varied activity programmes across all our facilities in the UK. This emphasises the importance of meeting our own social, emotional, and physical needs by playing our part in our communities, having healthy social networks, and taking part in physical activities.

To learn more about our individual schools and educational facilities, please see our Services Page.