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Duke of Edinburgh Award

We offer our students the opportunity to complete Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Through the curriculum we are delivering the students can work on their physical and skills sections in an organic way: physical section- park run, swimming, walking, yoga, ballroom dancing; and skills section- cooking, money skills, community access or travel training. For the volunteering section the students have all agreed to complete litter picking.

DofE are working in partnership with CPRE- The Countryside Charity, former known as the Council for Preservation of Rural England and are trying to get the young people who are completing their DofE awards to offer their time to keep the countryside clean. CPRE have teamed up with the Marine Conservation Society and their Source to Sea Litter Quest project. This means that the Foxes students, as well as working towards their DofE Award, will now be helping both charities. The students will become citizen scientists and will be contributing data to a national project monitoring how pollution reaches the seas from the litter in our streets. Every time the students do a litter pick, they will need to report their results to the Source of Sea Litter Quest project.

By completing this activity, the students will work towards their DofE Award, help the environment by keeping the beach clean, but also gain awareness of the detrimental effect people’s litter has on the sea life and the environment.

Foxes are also collaborating with Channel Adventure for the expeditions. The Bronze awards students will complete 1 practice and 1 qualifying expedition with camping over 1 night, the Silver awards students will complete 1 practice and 1 qualifying expedition with camping over 2 nights.

For more information, please visit the Duke of Edinburgh Award website