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Reading at Foxes

At Aurora Foxes we understand the importance of reading, within our curriculum. At Entry Level and Level 1, students are accessing and using language in a variety of ways that are useful and relevant to future qualifications, the world of work and to promote and enhance independent living skills.

We also strongly believe however that reading, language and stories have the power to transform lives. The emotional and social consequences of reading for pleasure therefore cannot be underestimated.

Stories not only provide escapism and the potential to foster empathy, they enable us to see our own lives within the context of others and, crucially, see beyond our own limitations. It is for this reason that we do not limit our students to texts which are ‘useful’; we actively encourage and promote the joy of reading and stories in order to unlock the imagination and enhance personal development. Alongside the curriculum requirements of our Entry Level and Level 1 qualifications therefore, students will be supported and encouraged to read and access stories for pleasure. This will include all forms of storytelling using a wide variety of media including audiobooks and film. In addition, students are actively encouraged to join the local library and explore a range of accessible resources. With this focus, we hope to engage our learners for life and prepare them for a happier, fulfilling, and meaningful future beyond their time with us.